Latest FRP Bypass APK Download For Android 2020 – 100% Working

FRP Bypass Apk 2020 is usually used for bypassing Google factory reset protection. It is also known as FRP Bypass tool. It is useful when you forget your google account password after factory reset. In this guide, I have shared the FRP Bypass method to solve this issue. All the things related to FRP Bypass APK are being discussed in this article. A lot of people are facing this issue and they want to know how to bypass google factory reset protection on their smartphone devices.

Google factory reset option is the new patch developed by the google. It protects the user’s data in case of phone theft or loss. It is quite useful for the people who have factory reset their android device and doesn’t know the google account password.  So keep reading this amazing guide to tackle this situation quite easily.

Latest FRP Bypass APK Download For Android 2020 - 100% Working

Download FRP Bypass APK 2020

Google FRP Bypass APK Features

FRP Bypass was introduced first for devices like Samsung, LG, and many others. It is an amazing feature but it creates problems sometimes when you forget the password of your google account. Bypass factory reset protection

is the security patch that has been developed by Google in the protection of your device in case of loss of phone theft. No One will be able to FRP Bypass, because they need the google account password.

Name of File FRP Bypass.APK
Size 1.2 MB
Type application/
Extension of Fie Apk
No of Downloads 69526755
Latest Version 2.0

Latest FRP Bypass APK Requirements

Following are the requirements for FRP Bypass APK to install on your android device.

  • Windows PC
  • Good internet connection for downloading the file
  • Android Device with version 5.0 or above

Updated FRP Bypass Tool List 

Following are the list of the latest and fully working FRP Bypass tools list. So let’s explore it:

  • D&G Password Unlocker Tool.
  • FRP lock Google Verification Bypass Tool.
  • Android Lock Screen Removal.
  • FRP Bypass APK Download for Android.
  • Samsung FRP Helper v0.2.
  • Remote Google Account Bypass Removal.
  • FRP Bypass Solutions.
  • GSM Flasher ADB Bypass FRP Tool.
  • Pangu FRP Bypass tool.
  • Working FRP Flashing Tool.

Working FRP Bypass Methods 

  • Bypass Factory reset protection through Serial/TCP terminal.
  • Using the login method to Bypass Factory Reset Protection.
  • Bypass Factory Reset Protection using Sidesync Method.
  • Using Quick Shortcut Maker Method for Bypass Factory reset.
  • Use Odin for Bypass Factory reset protection.
  • Flash method to Bypass Factory reset.

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Google Factory Reset Protection Easily Using FRP Bypass APK

All the smartphone devices which are running the android lollypop version or above comes up with this amazing security feature. Two amazing and working guides are given below. Just follow the simple steps and for FRP bypass.

You will be able to Bypass Google FRP lock easily by following this guide in case you have lost your phone or forget the password of your google account. If you want to bypass FRP lock on Samsung devices you can also try it.

For the 1st method for FRP Bypass, you need the following things

  • OTG Cable.
  • USB drive.
  • PC.

FRP Bypass with OTG Guide 

Once you have the above-mentioned things. Follow the following simple steps for FRP Bypass

  • Download the FRP Bypass APK.
  • Once the download process is complete copy the FRP Bypass APK to your USB device.
  • On your Android device on which your facing the FRP issue.
  • Follow the basic instructions given in the setup wizard.
  • Then the bypass factory reset protection will appear where you will need to enter your google account details.
  • As you don’t know the password or have forgotten it .
  • Now you have to use the FRP Bypass APK.

Latest FRP Bypass APK Download For Android 2019 - 100% Working

  • File explorer option will open on your Android device. Open that folder in your device where you have installed the FRP Bypass apk file.
  • You might see the unknown source error during the installation process, simply turn it on from the device settings option.

Latest FRP Bypass APK Download For Android 2019 - 100% Working

  • Click on the installation button again to start the process of installation.
  • When the installation process gets the complete click on open and it will open the settings menu.

Latest FRP Bypass APK Download For Android 2019 - 100% Working

  • Select backup and reset option by scrolling down the menu. Click on factory data reset and confirm.

Congrats you have successfully bypass the google factory data reset protection of your smartphone device. Restart your device and you are ready to use the phone. Later on, you can add your new Google account if you want to its all upon your choice.

How to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection without OTG

The method shared above requires the OTG cable with the bypass google factory reset protection apk file. By using this method you don’t need to have an OTG cable to bypass google factory reset. In this method, we will be using an FRP bypass tool so make sure that you have a really good working internet connection. Just follow the below-described method

  • Turn on the phone, there you will see a setup wizard.

How to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection without OTG

  • Follow the instruction carefully. When you see the FRP bypass tool screen. Open the keyboard and click on the settings.

How to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection without OTG

  • Next click on the menu button then helps and feedback button.
  • Then write whatever you want and choose share.

How to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection without OTG

  • After this choose message option. New message and type any number. Next choose it and click on contacts icon.
  • Click on the call option button, and dial  *#*#4636#*#*.
  • Open the Statistics button and click on the back button, which will take you to the settings menu.
  • click on backup, reset option, factory data reset sequentially and confirm.

How to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection without OTG

That’s it, congrats you have successfully bypass google account verification with the help of FRP bypass tool. Screenshots of all the steps are included in this guide so that you can easily do the process. I hope these methods will clear your doubts on the FRP bypass.

FAQ About FRP Bypass Apk

In this section the most frequently asked questions related to FRP bypass apk are discussed. Read them if you have any doubt.

What is FRP Bypass? 

Factory Reset Protection is the protection that is used to keep your stolen phone safe from the thieves. You can bypass it by using FRP Bypass APK.

Is FRP Bypass APK Paid or Free? 

It is absolutely free to use, you dont need to pay a single buck to buy or subscribe it. It is a life time free app so download and enjoy it.

FRP bypass APK can be used on all Devices?

FRP Bypass APK can be used on all android devices like Samsung, Lg, Motorola etc which have android version 5.0 or above. You can use it on any android device with android version 50 or above.

Is FRP Bypass APK free to use? 

Yes, it is absolutely free and safe to use. Don’t worry about anything while you use it.


So that’s the pretty much about FRP Bypass APK Download, I sure hope that it has helped you for bypassing Google factory reset protection. These above-mentioned methods both are working. In case you have missed anything and not able to do bypassing read and follow the guide again. If you like it share it with your friends and family. If you have any query ask us in the comments section. We will keep you updated about the FRP Bypass APK Download. So click the PUSH NOTIFICATIONS button and allow us to keep you updated. Thanks for being a good reader. Thanks!

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Download FRP Bypass APK 2020